In 2019, Flash Forward launched its Logistics division, extending our services into this fast-moving sector. In addition to our recruitment, interim management, permanent recruitment and consultancy, we also provide the following for logistics companies:

  • customer experience health assessments
  • security and compliance mystery shopping and audits, including our “Trojan horse” exercises to test the resilience of depot premises and security measures
  • business development

Working in the B2B space, we provide a managed logistics solution, in particular for SMEs. With our network of highly customer-centric partner logistics carriers, we will find companies the right logistics solution and help implement it and manage the supplier relationship for them.

We are very experienced in those requirements that are out of the ordinary and specialist – big, bulky, perishable, time-sensitive goods, or something that requires extra levels of assurance to clients. Whatever the need, we’ll find the solution!